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My name is Konstantin Magnus Lucke. I work as a freelance 3d artist, university lecturer and Cinema 4D trainer in South Germany. Being an engineer of architecture I am specialized on visualizing spaces and commercial products. My recent area of interest is developing procedural content for video games and interactive applications. I offer services like:



My architectural visualizations are primarily about image composition, athmospherical lighting, high fidelity materials and photo realism. The specific demands of architects in terms of asthetics, image language and precision are well known to me through studying architecture in Stuttgart and working in architectural offices in Munich and Tokyo.


For photorealistic visualizations of commercial products it takes detailled and precise modelling as well as true to original materials qualities. By carefully choosing advantageous camera angles, well placing lights and reflections make sure your product shots stand out.


Moving images get a lot of attention and fascinate a lot of viewers. Three-dimensional animations create the look and feel for the depth of space and the shape of objects.


With interactive applications customers can explore yet unbuild architectural spaces, virtually configure modularized products or learn to use products before purchasing them. These applications can be presented online in the web browser, on fair booths as well as on mobile devices, computers and tablets.


Procedural generators allow artists and customers to create three-dimensional models, textures and animations by just using sliders and setting parameters.


Visualisierungsworkshops speziell für Architekten, Designer und Fotografen

Being a 3d artist with more than 10 years of experience I give seminars at the university and on-location-trainings for companies in visualizing architecture and commercial products using Maxon Cinema 4D. Aside from general introductions to the software I explain several technical tricks, workflow optimizations and hints on design, that are specific to orchestrating architectural spaces and presenting commercial products. So you wont only get an easy to understand basic training, but also valuable insights based upon my practical experience as an 3d artist.

More information on the course content and costs can be found here:


Work experience

Since 2012: Research associate at casino IT, CAAD laboratory at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Stuttgart/Germany
From 2010 to 2012: 3d visualizer at Formstadt Architects and Engineers, Munich/Germany


Since 2014: Module Media I-IV at State academy of Arts, Stuttgart
Since 2014: Three-dimensional design at university of applied science for Design, Schwäbisch Gmünd


2005 to 2010: Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Stuttgart